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The joys of the vegan bakery

coconut cupcake

vegan coconut cupcake

vegan brownie and coffee

vegan brownie and coffee. I guess we knew it wouldn't last long once the wrap was off!

The only thing difficult about being a vegan is keeping my fingers off those darn good sweets.  I love vegan baking.  These were some of the goods J and I got on our first date to a vegan bakery.  Yum!  Even J loved it and asked why I can’t make brownies that good.  I’ll work on it.  All that to say, vegan baking rocks!

the dilemma of vegan baking...so good!

the dilemma of vegan baking...so good!

Also I met up with a new mom who needs to kick dairy for a bit.  I am excited to pass on recipes to her and have more reasons to explore non-dairy cheese products.  I am looking forward to making some chocolate chip cookies for her too.  She seemed most excited about that!  I am glad that the little knowledge I do have of vegan cooking can be beneficial to others too!


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