Bananas in what???

Plantains-the superior banana

Plantains-the superior banana

Hi friends,

Here to share a slammin’ stew from Veganomicon.  This is one of Isa’s amazing recipes for Pinto Bean and Plantain Stew.  I made this for the first time in February when my in-laws were visiting.  They love healthy foods, but I wasn’t exactly sure what they would think of this stew.  It had tomatoes, plantains, pinto beans, parsley, onions, garlic.

Honestly, it looked interesting while it was cooking.  I was a little bit nervous about how it would turn out.  This was the first time I ever shopped for plantains, so I wasn’t sure what to be looking for (yellow, spotted, black?)  I went with something in the middle.  Well, actually looking back they look pretty yellow.  Okay, so just to clarify, I am aware that they are not actually bananas.  To be clear, Webster says: any of a genus (Plantago of the family Plantaginaceae, the plantain family) of herbs with basal rosettes of usually lanceolate or elliptical leaves and spikes of minute greenish flowers.  For our purposes, however, we will stick to layman terms: superior or magical banana.

It was pretty simple to make.  And my mother-in-law loved it.  Before we even sat down to eat, she was standing over her bowl “tasting” it.  (That’s the polite way of saying standing and eating).  We had to convince her to wait until we sat down to all eat together.  I felt honored that she liked it so much!

The irresistable Pinto Bean & Plantain Stew

The irresistable Pinto Bean & Plantain Stew

The stew was both sweet and savory.  I think thats why both my husband and I enjoyed it so much.  I am the sweets girl, and he is the salty/savory guy.  (There’s almost always one in each couple ; )  This dish was nice and hearty and delicious.

I made this stew again last week while visiting a friend out of state.  It was really yummy, but I think I should have let it simmer and stew a bit longer.  The complex tastes were there, but they hadn’t mixed and mingled as much as I would like.  Good thing to remember for next time.

P.S. Friend, thanks for helping me in the kitchen.  Feel free to rate the stew.  I would love your input.  Also, I understand if you don’t repeat this recipe, as your husband would ask, “Bananas in WHAT!?”  But I am glad you shared it with me  = )



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2 responses to “Bananas in what???

  1. The Pinto and Plantain Stew was hearty and delicious. Since it was very much like a chili, I wonder if one might try cooking it in a crockpot? That slow, covered heat would meld all the flavors without simmering away the moisture.

    I may make it again sometime. I made pasta sauce with ostrich meat last night, so the ol’ man is relatively adventurous.

  2. littlemuffin

    Ostrich meat! That’s scandalous in this kitchen. LOL. But I am glad he liked it. You both are quite adventurous. Thanks for trying some vegan recipes with me. What a great hostess!

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