Chile Encrusted Tofu Po’ Boys

Hey all,

Some scandalously delicious  sandwich comin’ your way…

chile encrusted tofu po' boys

Chile Encrusted Tofu Po' Boys

These bad boys took quite a while to make, but that’s mostly because I made my own vegan friendly mayo and coleslaw.  Now, that is not actually as hard as it sounds, but it is time consuming (even more so if you’re OCD).

Condiment 1) I got the recipe for vegan mayo from an old raw cookbook I had Chavez’s The Raw Food Gourmet.  It’s primarily an almond based sauce accented with lemon juice, mustard powder, salt, pepper and a little sweetener.  So first I blended that up.  And then I worked on cleaning and food processing the cabbage and carrots.

Cabbage for coleslaw

Cabbage for coleslaw

Slaw sans mayo

Slaw sans mayo

Condiment 2) I mixed all those fresh carrots and cabbage together with some vegan mayo, pepper, lemon juice.  And this is what I got…

Coleslaw for Po' Boys

Coleslaw for Po' Boys

Now, on to the tofu.  I used firm tofu and pressed it between paper towels weighted by a cast-iron pot.

pressing tofu...go cast iron!

Pressing tofu...go cast iron!

The cast iron pan won!  Woohoo!  Next, I seasoned the tofu with some po’ boy chile spices: cornmeal, chile, cayenne, cumin.

po' boy chile spices

Po' Boy Chile Spices

frying up the tofu

Frying up the tofu

I hate frying food, but it was for the good of the sandwich ; )  The tofu had fun.  They dipped, they rolled, they swam, and then laid out to dry.

tofu drying off

Tofu drying off

Finally, I cut up a long french baguette into 4 equal size pieces.  I layered each with vegan mayo, jalapenos, chile encrusted tofu, coleslaw.  By the way, I love baguettes.  They are fun to buy and even more fun to eat.  I always wanted a good reason to buy one.  You know, better than the fact that I would otherwise want to just come home and eat it straight from the bag.  I think making these sandwiches were a perfect occasion to buy a baguette.

po' boyyyyyyeee

Po' Boyyyyyyeee

The good news is, after all that fun in the kitchen, Jerry and I loved them!
They were so sloppy and delicious!  Jerry rated them a 8.5-9/10.  Well, to me that makes it worth it.  Goodness, they were yummy.  Just writing this makes me want to get back in the kitchen and start cooking.  I hope you enjoy.  Compliments to Isa Moskowitz & Terry Romero, the authors of the amazing cookbook Veganomicon from which this recipe came.

P.S. Next time, I’ll just have to have y’all over to taste it for yourself!


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One response to “Chile Encrusted Tofu Po’ Boys

  1. I keep ogling this sandwich and lusting after the coleslaw in particular.
    Inspired by yours, I made calzones last weekm but I filled mine with pesto sauce, sundried tomatoes, mozzarella, and goat cheese. Do you know of any vegan product that approximates goat cheese? We just adore it too much around here.

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