Hmmm somebody likes food…

My Homemade Valentine's Card

My Homemade Valentine's Card

vegan nachos

vegan nachos

I know I already wrote a little something about Valentine’s Day, but my Valentine’s Day just came to completion yesterday (more about that in a few) So. the Valentine posts continue…

Confession: My husband is the real foodie around our home.  I am the health nut, he’s the foodie.  He has a much finer taste than I do and for now, definitely cooks better than I do.  He is a bit of a food snob, but he also loves himself some junk food or greasy fast food.  Lately however, he’s been wanting to cut back on snacks and get back in shape.  To that end, we haven’t had his favorite snacks around the house.

So for Valentine’s Day I secretly bought him a bag of baked tortilla chips, vegan cheese, and jalapenos.  We already had refried beans and peach mango salsa at home.  I hid the coveted chips and then brought them out as a surprise on the 14th.  I veganized one of his favorites: Nachos!!!  And I allowed/encouraged him to eat as much of the vegan nachos as he wanted for lunch that day.  He loved it!  And I loved it too!  It is a classic comfort food, made healthy.

My Valentine celebration continued because…

Harry & David's pears

Harry & David's pears

pear-pictures alone cannot do it justice

gourmet pear

they say they're so good, you can eat em with a spoon!

a vegan treasure

we were waiting for these beauties to arrive!  They smell and taste so amazing.  I told Jerry that they have the very essence of pear x 10-that distinct refreshing & yet endulgently sweet flavor.  They were so good!  Well, I only had one so far.  But the company says they’re so good, you should eat them with a spoon.  Oh my gosh, they are perfectly ripe and delicious.  Thanks Jerry!  Great job!


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