The beginning


30 minute Veggie Chili

30 minute Veggie Chili


   Chili Bowl

Chili Bowl


Hi y’all! This is the start of my adventure in vegan cooking and baking. I have little experience or training in the kitchen but am excited to grow in that area. My goal is to wow my foodie (meat-loving) husband. So far I have made some fun dishes: eggplant parm, pad thai, cornbread, broccoli pesto calzones, chili, blueberry cornmeal pancakes, portabello mushroom bakes, cheese & bean casserole, lots of muffins-and he has enjoyed them (don’t worry more pictures are coming). But I am sure I still have a lot to discover and room to improve. So join me as I experiment vegan style in the Gong Gong Kitchen!


Broccoli Pesto Calzone

Broccoli Pesto Calzone



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2 responses to “The beginning

  1. Karen

    I made it to your site—I’m happy! Please, when you get time, supply the recipe for the broccoli pesto calzone.

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